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APM - Artists' Perspective Modeler

 APM is a perspective tool developed by the late S. Joseph "Joe" DeMarco, using Microsoft Excel  as its basis.  It is very simple to use, requiring no more than the APM program, a set of 3 view plans of the given object and a measuring tool. It is however also incrediable powerful in what it can do.

In simple terms X, Y & Z co-ordinates  are created for as many points on the object as required , being measured from a common point on the 3 view plans. Once all the points required have been plotted these can be manoeuvred by the program to orientate the object to any attitude, to any distance from the viewer and at any scale. The program will then provide the neceassry X & Y co-ordinates for the object  to be plotted on a drawing board at the required size.

On the basis a picture paints a thousand words....

The APM generated line drawing in MS Excel and finished painting worked from it. The main Devastator is being viewed as if at a distance of 92 feet from the viewer and scaled for a 12" canvas in this instance.

The APM created line drawing of a P-47 making short work of the foreshortening of the aircraft
The part completed plotted drawing

In partner with its wingman, also created via APM

While APM is not the only method of creating accurate perspective it does have the advantage over some methods that once a plot is created for a specific object  this plot can be used to create as many drawings, all at different attiitudes, view distances and scales as required. The preview created also allows the creator to see what the completed plot will look like ahead of it being drawn and so allow it to be amended if it is not quite what is required.

A composite image showing the APM created side elevation and plan view of the Devastator model along with 3/4 front view.